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Atlanta and East Cobb, GA, Heat Pump Installation

A heat pump transfers thermal power from the outside using the refrigeration cycle. Nowadays, many people prefer to install a heat pump, which is more affordable and can be set as per their need anytime, depending on whether the season is cold or warm.

Installation of a Heat Pump

The installation of any heat pump system requires prior inspection of your property and detailed sketching of the whole unit for maximum efficiency.

Indoor Unit Installation

The contractor will install the indoor unit first by fixing it on top of a mounting plate and connecting it to the duct network you already have. This process may take time to adjust the existing ducts or even install some new pipelines. To maximize the efficiency, you may need repairs in the basement, attic, and other connecting walls.

Create a Connection Point

For heat pump installation in Atlanta, your contractor will need to drill a hole in the wall and pass the pipes, electrical lines, drain lines, and refrigerant lines for secured connections. This access point is the point of connection between the indoor and outdoor units in the air surface heat pumps.

The Connection Between the Units

Next, all the refrigerant and condenser lines are connected to the indoor units. These lines work in the heat exchange depending on your desired heating or cooling. You will transport the liquid flowing through the refrigerant lines to the outdoor condenser as per the temperature requirements.

Outdoor Unit Installation

The outdoor units are typically installed on a higher level, on a concrete slab separately above the ground to facilitate heat exchange. The small and mini-split systems are mounted to the side of the walls, while the larger units are placed on separate blocks for easy heat release.

Wiring and Electrical Connections

After indoor and outdoor units are installed, all the refrigerant and electrical lines are securely connected through the hole. You will also install a drain line for the outdoor unit to facilitate condensation.

Finishing and Securing

Finishing touches include the installation of temperature sensors which would help adjust the temperature of your home. All the connecting lines should be rechecked and secured firmly at a place. Finally, the paint and cover-ups are done to restore the house as it was before.

Cost of Installing a Heat Pump

The overall cost of installing a heat pump depends on the size and energy requirements of your heat pump. 

If you are planning to get a big unit like a geothermal or solar heat pump, the installations and framework would be expensive. We offer exclusive services of heating repair Atlanta.

Maintenance of a Heat Pump

After installation, if you want to maintain the efficiency of your heat pump, you have to ensure that the following steps are followed.

  • If possible, power off the heat pump unit to remove and clean the air filters, coils, and fans. It involves removing dirt, debris, and dust to facilitate the exchange of hot and cool air all the time.
  • It is suggested to hire a professional who can perform a complete inspection and identify the issues before a serious problem occurs, before the arrival of winter. You may not be able to foresee these issues, so a tune-up is always recommended.
  • The professional inspection includes checking for duct leakages, blowers, filters, refrigerant levels, pressure, electrical wiring, motor, reverse heating controls, thermostat, and other parts for optimum heating instead of heat pump replacement in East Cobb, GA.

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